I remember when I learned the principle of saving 100 Naira daily using a KOLO,It helped me cut down daily unnecessarily spending .

It took discipline on my part for it to become an habit . For me,this was a great financial lesson I learned and it worked so well for me. It showed me that I could actually discipline myself on spending.

Aside developing a saving habit, I still needed so much discipline in other areas of my life especially taking immediate actions on my written down goals. Basically ,i usually have great ideas, scribbled down in my Journal, ,but more often than not,i seldom go back to strategize on how to go about achieving them.

My thought always is-working a 9-5pm job cannot afford me the opportunity of spending time to sit,think and plan as all I did after work was eat ,press phone,prepare my cloth for the following day and zoom to dream land. (Very boring life).

I spoke to a Mentor and asked how I could spice up my life and started achieving my goals.

She recommended a self development challenge to me (30 days Transformational challenge by Immerse coaching ) which I took and I learned some very liberating stuff!

During the challenge,i was asked one very interesting question -“Who Sleep Epp”

I was so ashamed to admit to myself that all I craved to do daily was sleep and nothing more,I often told myself that my body needed good rest after all the buzzle and tuzzle of “Lagos Life”

It was a wake up call for me to do something different and new with the way I lived.

After much Self confrontation and consultation,I decided to write out what I could do daily that will accumulate into fulfilling the big goals I had.I didn’t want to deceive myself to writing a long list of what I would start doing differently(i had done that before but it didn’t work),i just wrote out very simple things like browsing online to learn new things and reading daily on certain topics of interest

Starting out on this new routine wasn’t an easy thing for me because I was so used to pressing my phone to check updates on Instagram,facebook,twitter and snapchat before doozing off.

There were days that “the sleep” will be so overwhelming and I will just be like this “routine thing” isn’t working for me.But I had read so much on great people and how they started out,they all had one or more daily ritual which they observed .I said to myself- I also want to be great. So regardless of how I felt,i decided to continue on this challenge

I have learned from one of my favorite speakers that “Purpose is the accumulation of the daily steps/decisions you make. It’s the sum total of what you choose to do per time”

I cannot say I have totally mastered this habit,but one thing I know is I am not giving up on this challenge,I am keeping at it to live a more fufilling life.

NB:If you haven’t read my article on Kolo-save some ,kindly check up previous blog post to do so.

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