Enough, of sitting on the sofa awaiting for a job opening call

Enough, of knowing you have dreams and doing nothing about it

Enough ,of spelling out your dreams to the world yet waiting for a push from them

Enough, of unending thoughts, wishing everyone will understand you

Enough ,of wishing you would do better with a change of identity

Enough, of knowing you are a super star, yet waiting for the biggest stage to showcase your talent

Enough ,of having all knowledge yet creating nothing

Enough ,of wishing the sun were the moon and the moon the sun someday

Enough ,of killing that dream and potential hoping to get another

Enough ,of wishing another’s shoe would fit perfectly on you someday

Enough ,of taking the easiest route of escape at the slightest challenge

Enough ,of being satisfied with just anything yet not craving for the best

Dream big, brace up, challenge the status quo

Because there is enough room at the top for you.

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