For a very long time,i had thought that I was that shy and timid fella….well this experience just proved me wrong,so actually I can talk back,take my stand and speak my mind-Fantabulous…….


The other day ,I  entered a bus on my way to the office.Before entering  ,i heard  the usual conductors’s voice- ”enter  with your change ooo”. i didnt even bother to check if i had change,i just felt, i must have change scattered in my bag somehow,but lo and behold,i was totally wrong.

Upon realizing   this,i started asking  fellow passengers around me to see if i could change the N1,000 on me before the driver starts raking.I tried,i did try,but no one seeemed to have change. When it was time for me to pay,I handed the N1,000 to the conductor .

Next thing,he just started shouting at me,”i no tell you make you enter with your change ”abeg come down’


See WAR, I  tried  talking to him to calm down and search if he had change,but this young dude no gree oo,na shout upon shout… I PROVOKE. The usual me would just get down from the bus and obey like a mumu  without uttering a word -and in my mind I will be like,for peace to reign. But then,i have been at this bustop  for over 30 minutes waiting to get a bus,and now he wants me t come down…NO WAY!!

Will i now start hustling for another bus? I am running late,even those who entered after me had gotten their change….


But today,I just purposed in my heart,its either he finds the change or we all aren’t moving an inch from here. The second side of me was like,ehmmm what if he drags you down from the bus,what if other passengers get angry and begin to yell at you  to drop,what if this,what if that……..


The nther me replied,this Is Lagos,you have equal right as much as other passengers in this bus ,no one will push you down,at least you didn’t steal,you are paying the same fare too.

The drama continued for like 5 minutes,I just sat down and didn’t move an inch.When the driver saw that time was already going and passengers were threatening to drop from the bus(Lagosians have no chill at all),I didn’t know when the cunductor reached out to his innermost pocket to bring out the change for me.And I am like wowww,so he had change all along and just wanted to ”shakara me”.


After alighting from the bus,i felt so cool with myself!!

Today,I stood up for what I wanted,i explored the other me.If I could do this,it means that there is so much within me I  hadn’t given expression to in the past,so much I had bottled up thinking,ehmmm for peace to reign.

My people,peace will surely reign if I continue living one-sided life ,but then I will end up cheating myself and exploring the several opportunities I have within me.

So for me, the next time I am faced with any situation,i won’t just try to  take the easiest route out for “peace to reign”

i would dig deep within me to see what the other side  has to say,I would explore the other me which is firmer,fiercer and more opinionated……





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