Last week, I met an old school friend on my way home from work . The re – connection was so deep . Our chat lingered , from gossip , to ownambe’s , to work , relationship , family , but basically our gist boiled down to ofofo . We spent so much time talking that I didn’t even check my wristwatch to know time had gone . But earlier , I was rushing home to catch up with someone who had been waiting for me . I just lost track of time as the gist was too sweet to end .

My friend was heading to an opposite direction from mine , but as a bus stopped to pick her , I just hopped in . I didn’t even bother to ask where the bus was headed . When we got half way into the journey , my friend tapped me and said – babe , I thought you stay at so and so place , why are you coming this way ? I then realized I had made a mistake but I felt ashamed to tell her na our gist carry me go, I simply covered up and said I wanted to see a friend in her area .

At last , we finally alighted from the bus and bade each other goodbye . I stylishly walked back to where I would get a reverse bus to my house . Of course , when I got home , I had already missed the appointment I was rushing to catch up with , and the painful thing was that I spent double the price on transportation that day . But who was to blame?

It was such an experience that taught me certain striking truth I would never forget :

1. While journeying through life , there would always be distractions on the way but it is your choice to decide how you respond to it .

2. When you notice you have made a mistake or need to reverse on a journey, don’t feel too proud to admit it . You can feel sorry for a while but learn to re-trace your steps and move on .

3. Do not be a follow – follow person . It’s very easy to fall into this category even without knowing . When you notice that most or all your judgment/decision is based on what someone else has said , is saying or will say , it might be an indication you are follow – follow person .

You should think deeply on how to chart the course of your life by yourseld and even if someone else gives you an advice , let it be an addition to something that resonates with your belief and values .

Simply put – Own your life , Live it !

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