Have you ever been with folks outside the Christian circle, people who don’t know a thing about new creation realities, who live life in such regular ways and yet they are doing great and achieving results? This just gets me to think, shouldn’t I and my christain folks also live fantastic lives seeing we have so much benefits in Christ?

Well, I don’t think it’s the fact that people devote their lives to serving God that makes them sometimes live beggarly but rather their inability to apply principles in ”his word” to living better .The world is sure not ready to hear us quote all the scriptures we know , they want to see how we have used what we know better our lives and those around you.

One of my favorite scriptures remains – ‘’Go ye into the World and preach the gospel ’’, from Jerusalem to Judea and then to the uttermost part of the earth. So for me, it’s to recognize where my Jerusalem is and start preaching ‘’the gospel’ to enrich lives. It doesn’t regularly always have to be within the ‘’four walls of a Church’’, it could in the Political sector, Finance, Education, Health, Entertainment ,just anywhere I found myself,using divine strategies given me by God.

The gospel is not poor, neither can we make it poor by how we choose to live, It’s contents have been preserved from time immemorial, showing forth endless possibilities available for all who desire to plug into.

So for me, I have learned not to just sit and do nothing with ” my christainity” ,but rather preach and live the quality of life Jesus died to give.

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