I had ransacked my entire wardrobe, turned my box upside down, searched under my bed, if perhaps I will find ‘THIS BLUE DRESS’,

It’s not like wearing something else won’t suit the occasion i was going for, but you know how  it feels when you really want to wear a particular outfit  but  can’t seem to know its whereabouts.


Being a very meticulous person, I can pride myself to say I know where all my belongings are. I haven’t forgotten so easily  my boarding house  skills on neatly arranging   my things into my small wooden locker ,but then ,i  wasn’t all that detailed as one of my friends  who would iron and  fold all her socks from home before resumption(lol).


So after searching and scattering my room for about 45 minutes, I finally decided to change tactic and switch on my   phone’s torch to do a proper search. Did I add earlier that my room was poorly lit as night was fast approaching? I was too sure of my skills and refused to use any source of light while searching.


As I beamed the ray of light into my wardrobe, paam,i saw theyeye blue dress“. But i had searched this same place severally, why will this dress play hide and seek game on me? I just found it easily without stress after expending  so much energy  like one of the contestants on  Gulder ultimate search, looking  for the ”lost gate keeper’s fortune”


So just a beam of light brought my dress faster and easier? Interesting…

Here’s what I learned from my lost but now found dress. if I keep using  the same method to solve a problem without seeking better  ways of doing so, I just might keep groping around in darkness and not  make any significant progress ,but if I  apply the right  tools  to solving problems, I would definitely sort issues out in a  better way.


Someone rightly said,” You can’t keep doing things the same way and expect to get different results, try something new”. For every problem you need to solve, don’t just be satisfied with the knowledge you have right now, crave to have more knowledge to sort issues out in a more scientific way.

No time to waste useful energy! “Idea is need” as my people will say.

The world is evolving, so also should you, learn how to do things better than you did in the past, move with the global trend, brand yourself, read some more, surf the internet for useful information. You never can tell when that “lit- up” knowledge of yours will be most needed





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