More than a bath

Are bathrooms just for taking bath/washing off? I bet to disagree!!!!

Else, why will someone pay so much attention to the design of his bathroom, putting up expensive WC, washand basin, bath tub, television,and  even a sound system ?


As a Quantity surveyor, I am privy to  be involved in the construction of  residential buildings(it’s my work anyway) .I remember when I just started working and was given a toilet renovation on the “highland”  to project manage, the cost of renovation alone  ran into millions of Naira ,and I am like-“why spend so much on just a bathroom“, do you want to be sleeping there? But  when we had finished renovating the place, i could really see the reason for spending so much .There was just this aura and comfort  that came out of the place ,it looked like   a small palace and i just felt like sleeping there all day , but then we had to pack our baggage  and leave the man’s house .


Copy Copy me,i stole inspiration from there and started thinking of how to touch up ‘’my own bathroom’’ at home. I knew  fully well that I wouldn’t be able to  afford all  the kind of fittings used in that ” big man’s   bathroom’ ’but there was something I could at  least do  .So I went to a nearby decoration  store and bought  nice bathroom decorations, changed my toilet  mirror to something  more fanciful ,changed my shower curtain ,bought a new white  towel  and yes my bathroom came alive instantly


I discovered that after I did this small touch up to my bathroom, I started spending more time there. I would often spend minutes just viewing the decoration and guess what; different inspirations started flooding my mind.  Fantastic!!!!!!


I took the experience a bit further. I put   small sticky notes on   my toilet walls, just above the  WC and I started scribbling  down  ideas on them ,from shapeless  drawings , to codes, to abbreviations, just anything that came to my mind ……. my bathroom became my favourite spot” in my small room.


This was just what i needed. . I had always been looking for a place to cool off and refresh  my ideas from time to time and of course I wanted  a place I could easily access anytime  , not necessarily  always booking  one  5 star hotel  because I want to retreat (for my mind)!!!



Here’s my gist, we all need a place where we can easily access, cool off and re-strategize, somewhere homely and user-friendly  ,where our minds can come alive and be productive. For me, my bathroom was just the place I needed for that, yours might be the balcony ,kitchen, garden area, studio, bedroom or even a dark room. Wherever the place is, once you have been able to discover  it ,spice it up to suit your taste and start using judiciously.






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