Plantain Chips remains my favorite snack any day any time, I have eaten so much of it that I can easily tell the taste by merely looking at it, but then I will never know the sweetness inside of plantain as only God himself can unravel ‘’the mystery’’ to man.

So the other day, I stepped out of my office to get plantain chips and just snack -up during lunch time, I didn’t want to send the office assistant as I wanted to get the sweet type myself. So good for me, I got what , gosh, felt like I had never eaten chips as sweet as this all my life. So I bought 2 packs knowing fully well that it won’t be enough for me, but then, I felt, I can always come back to get more if I wanted to. But then my mind told me ,what if it gets finished before you are back, what if you get so busy with work and you aren’t able to come out again to get more ,I waved off the thought and said ermmmh,i will come get more later joor .

So good for me,i finished eating all the chips e even before I got to the office, and yes I needed more. All my brain could register was, go get more!!! You know that long throat feeling you get when you really want to eat something, but this time my legs felt so reluctant to walk that distance again just because of common plantain chips. So I called the office assistant, described the aboki’s shop to help get more chips. It got so bad that I wasn’t even concentrating on my work again; all that mattered right now was the return of this young girl with my ‘’ plantain chips’’

Few minutes later, she was back but then I didn’t see any black nylon with her, ’’Aunty, the chips don finish’’ ,I just kept questioning her -did you go to all that ‘’aboki shop’’? did you check all the shops on the street, did you check the other street, did you tell them I was here just few minutes earlier, did you specify it was chips you really wanted to buy?? . When I saw that I was just keeping the young girl standing for nothing, and still there was no plantain chips,I had to let her go.

Goosshhhhh, so that was how I missed this tiny opportunity of savoring my taste bud!!.
The experience just clicked something on my kind, it wasn’t just about the plantain chips, it was more of an attitude thing to me -procastination,I can always come to do it later. I remember the times I was supposed to start my weight loss challenge, start a course to boost my career, begin a vocational training, start my professional exam,oo the list feels endless

So I sat with myself,we are just half way into 2017 and yes,there is still time for me to start out on the goals I wrote down at the beginning of the year, even if I don’t get to start all now, at least I know I would have started out on some. So the thing for me right now is recognizing what opportunities are right at my door step and seizing them as they come.
But the good news is, it’s never too late to take hold of yourself and take action, stop procrastinating, seize that opportunity as they come your way, start that dream you have “NOW”
You might see 2017 as a way of already gone and too late to start something,but remember that half glass of water can either be seen as half-filled or half empty ,depending on how you see it.

Get rid of that “I will start later” mindset, and do something with your 2017!!! You might want to say the year is already half gone, but remember that half glass of water can either be seen as half-filled or half empty, it all depends on how you see it.

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  • Thank you for this. Reading from the beginning, I actually thought the post was about plantain chips as I really love ’em too.
    But you have delivered a good message and I’ll work on it. Thank you for this.