The Gift Of Air

The skies turned black
Darkness all around
Sea splashing
Thunder striking
At the sound of rain

I see it coming
Everyone’s rushing
Under a shade to hide
None seems shelter enough
To keep from its touch

Cars wound up tight
Tinted black and blue
To hide the face of man
Zooming past all
And none stopping to help

With a gushing sound of splash
Hope seems futile
At no good Samaritan’s signal
I have to protect my property

Me with my brown bag
Clutched to my arm
Pants fitly wrapped up
In a bid to keep safe
And hide from the rain

Alas, I see a four legged wheel approaching
Fully packed with over 18 +
I jump into it with speed
With no sign of ajebutter blood
Faster than my neighbors’ waiting

I care less to know its destination
Neither the oozing stench of halitosis.
Heaving a sign of relief at my accomplishment,
At least now am safe from the rain
Though still gasping for every available air
In the fully packed train
Then i realize and appreciate ‘ THE GIFT OF AIR’.

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