If there is one experience I eagerly look forward to , it is my Honeymoon . I have heard from friends who give a sneak peek into how theirs went , seems to even be more exciting than the wedding ceremony itself
(Just thinking out) .

Let’s spare ourselves the details of what really transpires that period but learn a thing or two from the concept. Basically , Honeymoon period helps create alone moments between lovers , in their own world ,making several trips from earth to moon ocassionally without interruption ( who dares disturb) ?

I have thought severally on why everyone should have a honeymoon break at least twice in a year. I know the leave period for some suffice for that , but really, the break never feels enough (right) . Most times, running a 9-5 job just seems like running from pillar to post and you could forget yourself in the process .

I have had my fair share of this experience and have come to a conclusion that life can actually be enjoyed alongside working . It all depends on creating time to rest , reflect and re-kindle passion .

Here are simple tips on how to have a Honeymoon experience in the midst of running a very busy schedule :

1. Try to fast from social media gosh ( I am so guilty of this) , always checking my phone for every IG update . Social media is a good place to connect and have fun, but hey, once in a while, you need to set that phone aside just to relax. Keeping up with every Social media update isnt a job you are being paid to do , (except you work as a social media influencer )so why the stress?

2. Visit some cool places- erhmm, cool is relative for everyone. You don’t necessarily need to cut your neck to visit a relaxation spot. You could search out affordable spots around you . Some spots are even free to visit, so why not take the shot.. (winks)

3. Try doing what you basically haven’t done in a long while, like eating a food you long-throat for , visit the movies , basically do anything that calms your nerves , just try something exciting to relax .

The goal of this is to find time to spend with yourself . I have learned that the good things of life come easy, so take advantage of enjoying your time out alone.

I am off to enjoying mine !

Chao Chao

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