I could hear the Lord say to my heart – How long will you stay on this spot feeling dejected? very similar to how He spoke to the Prophet Samuel about rejecting Saul. You just might not blame me for how I was reacting, I have embarked on several ventures of late but none was giving me the corresponding reward for my input . I know I am not a failure of any sort, but I have been pushed to a point of so much dissatisfaction and overwhelming tiredness that I often wonder -”WHEN SHALL I BLOW” ? Worst of all,I see all my age mates achieving big stuffs ,even some younger than I am (but did I just say my age mates)? I know using other’s success as a basis for judging mine is wrong , but sometimes I cant help but feel like I am the only one not doing something big.

I know my feelings are quite valid,but what I fail to realise is that no man acquires success overnight,its a step upon step thing, and more importantly learning to “TRUST MY STRUGGLE” even times when I cant clearly see significant progress . It’s great to have many inspiring people in our generation doing great stuff,CEO’s springing up every now and then. It simply means there is abundant resource everyone can utilize to bring up useful inventions.

All my ‘supposed classmates’ I see already succeeding in their endeavours started doing things early enough,they didnt just sit wishing what they wanted,or envying others ,they took actions spending sleepless nights keeping at what they believed would thrive .

Learning from that, I now know better than to be comparing myself with others . If I want to succeed in my endeavour, I must learn to keep taking my tiny steps now because the kind of success I desire is not going to come overnight ,it will be a culmination of my input over time .

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Joyce Olawunmi


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