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I am from the sunshine state of Nigeria, and I pride to say we are blessed with abundant natural resources. In addition we have high intellectuals they say we love to read a lot but others feel we are overly stubborn people. I don’t know if that’s part of our natural resources, but in a way, it helps us get results as we never take NO for an answer. So this mentality has been built in me over the years as I believe everything must be gotten when I need them.

It was truth or dare at the office general meeting and everyone could constructively criticize the other. So we all wrote about each other without knowing who wrote what. As I opened my sheet of comments, I was shocked to see almost all comments reading the same thing – YOU ARE TOO STUBORN. It was called constructive criticism, but not so for me, I felt touched on my soft spot, I was almost in tears reading the comments.

All through work that day, I couldn’t get my mind off the comments .Was this really me? Was this weakness so obvious, or were my colleagues trying to pull me down for no just cause? I felt attacked on my personality. I know everyone has weakness but I am not just the type that loves hearing mine.

On getting home, my mind wouldn’t let me be, I began to think about the comments. As I did so, a quote from one of my favorite’s books on leadership came to mind – The most powerful leaders are those who are able to confront themselves about their weaknesses” . I knew reading books on self- improvement wasn’t my problem but putting what I read to practice was the real deal !

I am a great leader in –training and I would love to ascend leadership positions in my Career which means I have to be very honset with myself in receiving feedback. I can’t continue thinking everyone has a wrong impression about me each time I am confronted, but I’d rather choose to see from another’s eyes what I need to work on.

Here’s the gist ……..It’s not like we should always take every comment and opinion from others and use as basis for forming our identity, but when people try to point our attention to areas of our life they feel we should work on, let’s do a self-reality check to scrutinize what they are saying.

Simply put – See yourself from another’s eye !!!

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Joyce Olawunmi


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