I tried to make friends
And be more friendly
This time,
I opened up my heart without defense
I was set for the ride


He met me in due time
The company I needed
cheering me the way up
To become the best of me


He seemed the nicest
And best around
At least he read books
And sounded intelligent


Thumbs up to my new friend
Cute and nicely dressed I must admit
We walked and talked all day
24-7 never seemed enough


I knew his family
Maybe not in person
Their names I could tell
Plus a lil info of each
We talked it all
And sometimes romance
Never a dull moment with him
His sense of humor was captivating


I never wanted it to get there
I knew I was naive
But didn’t want to be seen as that
Nor advantage of


He tried to peck
Hug and cuddle
I rebuffed but didn’t want to loose him
Little did he know
That I was untouched


I had standards
And wanted the best in life
But in the same vein
I didn’t want to loose him


I was cut inbetween
To let him go
Or allow the experience linger
I couldn’t be blamed
For I was untouched



He got the signal
And asked all the why’s in the world
Of course I couldn’t explain
He saw it through my innocence
That I was untouched


I asked for friendship
And nothing more
But what I got
I knew I couldn’t handle


I wouldn’t wait to see
Or even allow this continue
I had to keep my under-garment
For none other
Save one to see


I didn’t mind loosing the supposed friendship now
At least I knew
I wasn’t loosing my self to him


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