what’s stopping you?

I could be so self-motivated and have passion sparks running through me that it feels like I am literarily touching my dreams. Those times, you just don’t want to bring any form of negativity near me, my passion will just roast it dry. But there are also times when the chips are down and I am wondering- how on earth am I going to fulfil all these?

I had that kinda feeling the other day and I decided to open Instagram to revive my mood . As I scrolled through my update, I came across a post from one of my role models. She had just photographed a Media mogul for her birthday and as her custom always is, she would write true heart felt messages beneath each picture and tell us deep truth and Inspiration from the lives of her client. I bet to believe what she says so much because she has been too phenomenal and consistent for me to doubt her words/works. There was something striking about the Epistle she wrote this time . She described her client as one who says what she wants and goes ahead to achieving them .I totally agree with her Cos I remember queuing up severally at the cinema just because I wanted to see the movie ‘’Wedding Party” made by this Media Mogul.

After reading the epistle I instantly felt fresh chill of passion run through my spine. That was exactly what I needed to revive! I couldn’t contain my excitement; I needed to let it out. So I chatted up one of my paddies and said – Babe I want to be a CEO, have millions of viewers on my blog ,own several business, proffer solution to businesses, I want to be this ,I want to be that .my list was so long , I felt so excited talking about them. And then her response just gave me a reset button- So what’s stopping you from becoming all of that now? the question got me thinking all through the day.

Really what’s stopping me? I had always thought becoming all of my dreams was something that will happen to me sometime in the nearest future, sometime when I grow up, sometime when I have all the connections and ‘’MONEY’’ but I was wrong. The future isn’t some time far away, the future is now!

So it means that right now, I am the blogger that has millions of viewers on my blog if I kept improving my writing skills and branding my write up’s, I run chains of businesses if I started that photography studio, fashion designing outlet ,catering business that I desire , I am the Business Consultant speaking to thousands of business owners if I started advising my friends on how they can improve their business and make maximum returns and even the Aboki that sells groceries in front of my house should also be my client.

It’s good to be self-motivated and tell everyone what you want to achieve just as I was , but it doesn’t end there , start taking ”tiny big steps” to achieving what you desire because the Future Is yours for grab!

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