3 lessons I learned not blogging consistently

I have had a wave of many cheerleaders and people personally give me feedback that my blog is doing well and they are putting to work the principles I share. These kind of comments really make me feel very excited, yayyyy, I am touching lives positively.

I have consistently written articles to inspire myself and others in the past 15 months, and the Joy I experience putting up each post is in- quantifiable. As I usually say, I am not a blogger, I am an individual who conveys my thoughts in writing and ”this blog” is my platform.

So after the hype of well-done, you are doing well, we are inspired, I fell into the trap of self-delusion. All of a sudden, I began to feel my writings were rather monotonous and boring to my readers (I thought) and no one was ever going to read my post. I wanted some form of validation, I doubted my ability to write, and I doubted the ME on my inside. Just a minute, where did all the feeling good about my writing go, why was I falling into the trap of depressing thoughts, I simply allowed the attack on my mind, and I began to crumble for real.

The simple truth was that, I felt I was telling others to apply principles I was still struggling to master, I was very hard on myself, I wanted perfection so much, I failed to realize that life is in stages and we all are work in progress. Interestingly, all other areas of my life was also being affected negatively by this terrible mind-set. I started losing touch on remembering things at work, seeing things, imagining things and getting ideas, I questioned myself severally if indeed I even have a gift in writing, am I really as creative as I have always thought? (Sighs). I became so afraid to open my blog or even see my own write ups, I so needed help!

So what changed my blogging story?
A friend chatted me up saying it’s been a while she read my post, I tried coding the way I felt to her over the phone, but I knew it would only make matters worse. The very blog post I was afraid to see was what I revisited to revive my passion. I took a long stroll to posts I had written and how much Joy I had felt posting them, I realized that I allowed negative thoughts fill my mind thereby making me doubt my abilities.

Lesson 1 – Have friends that can tell you the truth, also be open to receive good advice.

Furthermore, I spoke to another friend about my situation and we both talked on ways I could revive my writing passion again. You know how easy it is to castigate Apostle Peter for considering the waves and sinking on his miraculous walk on water, I bet to say sometimes, we often do the same thing. But all we need do is be real with ourselves, accept the truth and move on in life.

Lesson 2- First win in your mind before you can win in reality.

Here is my advice to you, whatever dream God has given you, whatever unique abilities God has placed in you is not just for you to discover alone but for you to also showcase for the whole world to see your works. Never underestimate yourself or the potentials you have inside of you, you are more powerful than you think and you can do much more than you have ever done, it is up for  you to challenge yourself, believe in yourself and use your skills.

Lesson 3- Believe in yourself.

Your best form of appraisal comes from you, be your own cheerleader, and first be your own coach, mentor, confidant and friend. Believe In your gifts and abilities, don’t bury your potential, whatever it is you can do or love to do, start doing it now, don’t wait for perfection, perfection will come with continuous practice, never doubt yourself and more importantly bless ”Humanity with your gift”.

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