3 Practical Ways To Achieving a Goal

Achieving a goal
Achieving a goal

So much has been said on the importance of crafting and achieving a goal. This is one of the most important factor that separates great achievers from ‘’those who play out’’ to be losers. I am currently reading a self-development book by Brain Tracy: The power of self-discipline. One of the greatest things that has struck me so far from the book is the difference between winners and losers. According to him, he says that winners did what failures refused to do. His statement really struck a chord in me. As I thought about this statement, it occurred to me that most great people I see and read about are those that envisioned an idea and crafted means of achieving it.

But does achieving a goal come by magic?

I want to believe that achieving a goal, is an exercise that anyone and everyone should engage in. It all boils down to an individuals’ self-discipline. In my writings, I want to always believe that we all aren’t at the same level of growth. Some have really mastered certain self-development habits, others still finding their footing, while some haven’t even started out on this journey at all. I am writing this post to help those who are yet to start out on their self-development journey. But then, it is still very useful for all categories of people.

What then is achieving a goal

Achieving a goal is a process is carefully churning out an idea, and then following up to with strategies to achieving it. Having defined what achieving a goal is, I will proceed to state some very practical ways to achieving a goal:

Put down your idea in writing

I love this point so very much, because I am a writer, and I always want to scribble down my ideas. But I do believe that writing down ideas should be a common practice to all. This doesn’t have to be a full essay writing like a blog post or journal article, but at least put down your ideas in writing. If sketches work well with you, please do, if using codes (abbreviation) work well with you, then that’s great too. The basic idea is that your idea has been archived somewhere that you can reference to later.

 Set up realistic action plans to achieving a goal

One of the secret of greatness I am learning lately is the ability to set out realistic goals. I know my personality type, I could have so many ideas running in my head at the same time, some even jotted down for future action. But then I have realized from experience that any idea I don’t set realistic action plan to never get executed. If you truly want to achieve a goal, you need to carefully set out action plans to your goals. Furthermore, as you set out an action plan to achieving a goal, ensure that there is a timeline to each action.

Get an accountability partner to follow up on you

This is the big one for me. My mentor recently told me one very liberating secret- She said, You as a mentee dictate how much you receive from a mentor. That stuck so deeply with me. If there is a goal I want to achieve, I speak to mentors about it. I do this not solely because I want them to know that I am thinking out great ideas, but also, to be accountable to them and myself on what I purpose to do. Personally for me, when I get to share my ideas with someone else, it feels to me like I have kick-started the process of execution, and I will not want to disappoint myself and the persons’ believe in me. You might say, I don’t have a mentor, I don’t know who to report to, or share my ideas with. The truth is that there is always someone you can talk to around you, it could be a trusted friend, your family member or even a colleague at work. All you need do is open your eyes to seeing and perceiving people correctly.



Living your dreams and achieving all your desires is very possible. You only need to deploy the right strategies to it. I leave you with these words that I have been ruminating over lately:

‘’One way of practically achieving your goal is to do exactly and immediately what you purpose to do’’


I hope this article was helpful to you. I would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comment section, and any way you need my help on achieving your goals too.



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