3 Practical Ways to Deal with Weaknesses

I recently popped up an interesting question on my WhatsApp status yesterday, which is – What’s that one thing if you overcame will enable you to achieve your greatest dream? and  I got many responses from people. Some said Fear, others said Procrastination, and some concluded that Sin was their greatest weakness.

This simple exercise made me realise as humans, there are certain things we can easily pin point as weaknesses hindering us from achieving our greatest desires.

Do you know what I have also noticed?

It is a very good practice to identify things that make up for your weakness but more important to deal with them. Most times, people live in denial of this fact, as they have been used to being praised, for maximizing their strength.

But if we would be truthful to each other, there are times in which we don’t perform at our optimum best simply because there are certain habits we are struggling with, that often hinders our growth.

Below, I have shared 3 Practical ways to deal with any kind of weakness that may want to hinder your growth

Identify and Admit That These Weaknesses Exist

This means that you are aware that as an individual, you can point to something that is your weaknesses. Even when others are singing your praises, you know that some things need to be worked on. Do not just wash them off the shores, and even if you cannot personally identify them, speak to a mentor, friend, or someone who can give you a very honest evaluation about your self.

Put Up Plans to Work on Them

I have learned from a mentor that the best way to practically achieve a goal, is to first set out an action plan of what to do. Most times, why people keep living with negative self-limiting habits is that they seldom make definite plans on what to do. They wish away what should happen, and this never gets the job done. A good practice will be to plan out a disciplined regime to help you deal with this habit. For example, in dealing with procrastination, your plan should be to do things immediately and exactly without wasting so much time over analysing the possibility.

Do It Any Way

Identifying and planning a new growth plan is good. But much much, to practically achieve the desired growth you want, you need to take action. Do what you want to do. The truth is, if you left your self alone all to yourself, without making a move, you will remain at the same spot, with the same self-limiting habits 5, 10, 15 years down the line.


I know sometimes, we cannot be self-motivated at all times, and hence, we need a support system to help us out. To do this, I suggest that you speak to a mentor, close friend, about your new plan. Speak to those who are concerned about your growth and can help you practically achieve it.

If you don’t have any of such in your life, and you wish for me to help you out, just send me a mail, I would be glad to be of assistance.


Hoping to hear from you soon.


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