3 practical ways to making the most of the year 2020

Before we talk about 3 practical ways to making the most of the year 2020 let me first welcome you into the new year.

Happy new year!!!!

I am super grateful to see the new year. I hope you also grateful to see the new year and are ready to take in all 2020 has in store for you?

Towards the end of the last year 2019, I did a reflection of what the year was for me. Interestingly, I didn’t perform so badly with my set goals. I achieved most, but not all my set goals. But in all, I am grateful for how the year was for me. I learned a lot I will be sharing in another post(Please check out my next post for this)

In this post, I just want to highlight some practical ways we both can make the most of the year 2020 regardless of what the previous year was for us Here they are below;

Start now from where you are

If there is one thing I know for sure is that starting early in the year will greatly help you to achieve most of your set goals for the year. It’s the second day in the year 2020 and obviously, the festive celebrations are gradually coming to an end, so also the year has begun to roll out again. If you really want to make the most of the year, it’s time to sit down and plan out what you want to achieve. This could be for you to set goals in all areas of your life. But then, these goals need to be realistic, I will talk more about setting realistic goals in the next point.

Set realistic goals

In a video post, I made on facebook, I shared the need to set goals that will stretch you and help you grow. Setting realistic goals means that you set goals that you will be able to achieve and not things you merely wish to achieve. A good practice will be to look at how you fared in the previous year and project your achievement into the new year. For example, if you started out a business in the year 2019, in this new year, you can set goals on how to make more sales in your business, create brand visibility, or even take your business online. Basically, you are leveraging and adding more to what you have done in the previous year. An unrealistic goal will be for you to want to start up 4 additional business to your existing business when you haven’t yet consolidated on the one you kicked off in 2019.

Leverage on your relationships

If there is one smart thing to do in this new year, it is to leverage relationships in your life. I believe that it is essential for us all to have the following key relationships:

  • Relationships for spiritual growth- These could be pastors, mentors and any spiritual guide in your life.
  • Career/ Business Advancement relationships- Those who can help you move forward career-wise or in your business.
  • Peer relationships – Those you can share your burden with freely and receive counsel from time to time.
  • Mentors – Having mentors is a good practice. But much more than just having their contacts on your phone, this year, make the decision to connect with them, submit to them and also be actively mentored by them.

The essence of having these relationships in your life is to keep you in check all through the year and also to provide support for you even times when you experience low moments during the year.

In Conclusion

I hope these 3 things will help provide a guide as you set out in the year 2020.

I wish you a fruitful new year ahead.


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