3 things to do before 2019 is over

Hello friends, I am so excited to be sharing 3 things to do before 2019 is over.  If I asked you, how was the year 2019 for you? what will your response be? For me, It was a year full of so many uncertainties, doubts, faith, and reassurance too. The year that I had to trust like never before. To cap it up, I will say it was a year of shaking tables for me.

Regardless of how the year has been for you, I am very sure you have learned so many life lessons that you will be taking into the new year 2020. You just may be thinking, we only have 26 days to go in the year 2019, can anything good still come out of this year for me?

My answer is a big resounding YES

And just as my Pastor will say, the year 2019 is not yet over. I believe that the remaining days of the year is a good time to plan big for the new year 2020 and hence I am sharing 3 things to do before 2019 is over, to help place you to have an amazing 2020.


Do you have alone moments in your life where you are able to do a personal self-reflection on your life? Then this end of the year period is a good time to do so.  A good practice will be to leave familiar areas, to places where you can fully have time alone, and think critically. This could be going off to a retreat venue, or someplace where you can get some quiet. During this period, you will be able to think critically about how the year 2019 was you, and what more you need to go forward.

Be Grateful

Being grateful is a seed that once you sow, will surely yield a good harvest in the future. The fact that you are alive is enough reason to be grateful to God. I know that the year might have not turned out the way you expected, but then, there is still so much to be grateful for. Before the end of the year, find a  convenient time to reflect on how the year has been for you, the many victories, the goals you achieved, the doors that were opened to you, and even the ones that didn’t open.

Create Time to Plan for the New Year

The fact that the year is running out means that there is a new year around the corner. This means that there are things to be done in the new year. Instead of doing nothing in preparation for the new year, why not sit down and start setting those goals and things you will like to achieve in the coming year. If you want the year 2020 to be better than how 2019 was for you, you need to make definite plans in all areas of your life.


I hope these 3 things to do before 2019 is over were very helpful to you. Kindly share this post with your friends and contacts. Also, I created a free Goal Setting Workbook that will help you set practical goals. Send me a mail: to get a copy of this.


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