3 Things to do when you feel overwhelmed

when you feel overwhelmed
when you feel overwhelmed

This is what I have learned about what to do when I feel overwhelmed. This topic is quite personal to me, let’s say it really portrays the way I feel right now. Somehow exhausted, somehow not even wanting to do anything, you get what I mean? So I have come to realize that there are times when you feel overwhelmed with yourself and things around you. In this post, I will be highlighting the possible causes of feeling overwhelmed, and what you can do to help yourself in this state.

Triggers that mean you are feeling overwhelmed

  1. When you have so much going through your mind
  2. When you have so much work to do
  3. When you can’t see yourself moving forward with your dreams
  4. When you start losing touch of relationships in your life
  5. When you start eating too much
  6. When you start sleeping too much.

The above list is some of the things I practically experience when I get to that state of feeling overwhelmed, But what I have come to know is that I can choose not to stay in that state forever. In this post, I am sharing some of the things I have learned to do to get out get out of the state of feeling overwhelmed.

Take time to take care of yourself

Let us face it, some of us are workaholic. We believe that if we aren’t working, then there is something wrong. I do know how this feels because this purely describes my personality. But hey, it’s not every time you work, work, work. Your body isn’t firewood, it Is what you give to it that it will reproduce. When you start feeling overwhelmed, it’s a time to sit back and withdraw from some work. Get good rest: sleep, relax your mind, relax your muscles too.

Catch up with relationships

If there is one thing I am truly grateful for in my adult life, it’s the fact that I have buddies I can call anytime. Interestingly, I don’t even need to see them in person, a one-off call or a one-off chat could do. At times when I feel overwhelmed, I chat, I press my phone and connect with people. This helps me big time.

Take time to relax your mind

I know this sounds so like the first point I mentioned. But in addition, when you feel overwhelmed, it is time to really relax your mind. That’s the greatest form of relaxation you will ever get. Let your mind be at peace, at rest. Stop all the thinking and calculating, or even over-strategizing. Your mind needs to be at rest and alert at the same time. Don’t stress it too much!


Times when I feel overwhelmed, with so much on my mind, I practice the above-mentioned self-help tools. I have learned over time that this works for me. I trust it will do same for you too. Don’t just read this post, practise it too.



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