3 Ways on how to get help in achieving your goals

achieving your goals
achieving your goals

It’s a brand new month and I am so excited to share on the topic of getting help in achieving your goals. Yes, I know I always love talking about goal setting a lot. Well, this might be as a result of the kind of things I have been reading over time and the mentors I follow closely.

I really want to share deeply from my heart and connect with people. So I am here saying to myself- Wunmi, you love talking goal- setting, on how one should strive to achieve goals. But really, everyone is not on the same plane in life, as all our fingers aren’t equal. Having recognized this, I have decided to share practically on how to get help in achieving your goals.

I captioned this post getting help to achieve your goals because it speaks so much on what I do. Just before I proceed to the subject matter, I will like to say, if you find yourself always wanting to talk to someone about your goals, and seek opinions (especially from mentors), you’re not alone, because I do same a lot.

Now let’s talk about getting help in achieving your goals

There are simple steps to getting help in achieving your goals. This doesn’t mean you aren’t smart, it simply means you want feedback on your thoughts, as no man is an island of knowledge. Having established this truth, I like to proceed on the subject matter on getting help to achieve your goals:


Get a mentor/ Accountability partner

I love the idea of having mentors. I know so many people still feel like mentoring isn’t so important, but I can tell you that I have benefited a lot from having mentors. Mentors help me a lot in achieving my goals. Now, you might be saying, how do I connect with someone as mentor?

This will help:

  1. Locate a person you truly admire that you know you can connect with(this can be online or physically)
  2. Reach out to them genuinely
  3. Tell them about your growth plans
  4. Check on them from time to time and tell them about your goals
  5. Ask for their input on how you can achieve your goals

Talk to people randomly

I really love this point. Sometimes, we often think that our idea is the next big thing (this happens to everyone, even me), and so we want to keep quiet on it and not seek help when we need to because we don’t want our ideas to be stolen.. lol. Please feel free to talk to people about your ideas (trusted people though). It may be a colleague at work or someone that has done something similar to what you want to achieve. Simply, be open to receiving counsel and get help to achieve your goals

Talk to a friend

I just had to include this point. Lately, I had a goal I wanted to achieve and was beginning to feel overwhelmed by it. I picked up my phone and called a friend. We brainstormed and eventually, he gave me some very useful and helpful tips. His advice not only gave me the right energy to forge ahead with my dreams, but it also gave me useful insights I needed to achieve my goal.  His input worked big time for me.


Life was never designed to be lived in isolation. Whatever goal you want to achieve, whenever you sense a need for help, please reach out to someone immediately. Don’t allow your dreams to die, give LIFE to it.

I hope this article was useful to you. I really love helping people achieve their goals by providing useful insights and referrals. If you need me to help you with achieving your goals, please send me a mail (, or drop a comment in the comment section of this post.



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