5 Steps On How To Handle A Bad Day

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Have you ever had a bad day? how did you handle it?

My Experience

It was 4.45pm already,  dusk was fast approaching, and it was already seeming like the day will end up like other days. I had been out so early to get my Permanent Voters Card (PVC),  stressed up queuing up and writing my name on a long list of paper with hopes to get registered for my PVC.  But just like the other days, I ended up not getting it.  I was angry, frustrated, and concluded in my heart that it was a bad day.

As I stepped out of the long queue waiting for a bus to go home, I had a terrible experience with the bus driver. I wont bore you with the details of  what transpired between us, but I will say, the event wasn’t so pleasant.

My Reaction

I had just reacted in an unruly way, far way beyond my usual self. I was shocked and angry at how I just behaved, and gradually, I was beginning to doubt if  I really was as sweet as I had always thought. No doubt,  I was already feeling terrible and condemned about myself. But I thought I couldn’t hurt a fly, I thought I could always act cool, calm and collected at every given instance, but, but, but, why this now???

I remembered, I  had lots going on with me lately, I have been struggling to keep body and soul together, I felt disconnected from myself and people I love, just in a bid to fix things. Could it be that I am reacting irrationally, could it be that I carried the issues in my life around like a bad trash bin, awaiting the next available refuse dump????

As I got home, my mind kept running to and fro, as I thought of the incident that earlier occurred. In the midst of my many mind rumbling, I fell asleep, took a short nap, perhaps to calm myself down. It worked, it worked, and I screamed…I woke up barely 15 minutes later, lighter than I had slept. The short nap therapy worked like magic, I had never thought about it.

Lessons I learned from a bad day experience:

  1. No matter what you going through, do not let it dictate your approach to life.
  2. You could get angry, act up for a second, but that doesn’t necessarily dictate who you truly are.
  3. Own your mind, and the thoughts therein, do not give in to thoughts that discourage you.
  4. Sit back, relax and refresh, regardless of what you are currently going through.
  5. Talk to a trusted friend about what’s on your mind, spill it out.

In Conclusion

Life can get tough, with its unfair rewards, but regardless of what you are going through, always know that you are not terrible, and you will and surely overcome whatever stress you are going through right now.

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