5 ways to Living an Effective Life

I hear so many people say the reason why they are not living an effective life is their lack of personal self-discipline. This statement might be true for some but I will like to give a second eye view to this thought.

What is self-discipline?

Simply put in plain words, It is the act of putting oneself under some regime, limitations or habits to getting things done.  The results of a self-disciplined life  is what differentiates the good from the great.

But were great people trained to be self-disciplined from heaven or did they learn it here on earth, or is it just a select few that should be self-disciplined?

 I bet to disagree that anyone came with any habit from heaven because I have seen many people train themselves to perfection on certain habits/skills. Most of the skills that exist these days were created by individuals who defied the odds and mastered a thing, the professional Fotballers, Artists, the Chefs to mention a few. You might want to say,  hooo I run a very busy schedule, my -do’s are inexhaustible, you cannot understand my personality type, or even the Lazy talk, this thing isn’t for me!(rolls eyes). 

My personal belief is that anyone and everyone can and should life in the most effective way.

Having demystified the myth of heaven sent skills mentality, you might ask, how then can I  live a more  effective life, is it still possible to do so?

Below is a list of simple ways to being self disciplined and living life more effectively

  1. Get rid of Procrastination: Do what has to be done today, don’t postpone it till tomorrow.
  2. Live Defensively: Live life in the most defensive way, by this I do not mean become arrogant in relating with people, but do not permit nonsense in your personal space, be tough on your skin, when it is time to do away with a thing, habit or relationship, deal with it don’t play the pity party game ever!
  3. Know yourself to the utmost: The principle of self-knowledge is the most effective habit for living your effectively. Know yourself, know your limit, and know your person. Stop trying to be someone else.  You are unique and should embrace your own style.
  4. Live a happy Life: This is so important, if you keep living life on a low tone, you just might never maximize the best of yourself.  You need to be cheerful, that’s how you get the best out of life.
  5. Leverage on relationships: This is key! No man is an island of knowledge, in networking, connecting, you begin to learn things you never knew before, you are able to leverage on the knowledge of others to becoming better. Be relational!

I hope the following points will help you start living a more effective life. It doesn’t take so much, it doesn’t cost so much to do, it starts with applying some key principles in the simplest way (start from where you are).

And hey, when you seem to default on this new style of living, pick up from where you stopped, because we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So let’s journey to living a more effective life.


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