Adeyemi Okediran talks on capacity building

If there is one thing I consider so vital to growth and development, it is capacity building. I know this so well because when I read about great men and women, and how they scaled up with their idea, I realise that they came to a point in their life when they had to build capacity to accommodate the vision they had burning in their heart.

In this post, my prolific writer- friend, Adeyemi speaks a lot on what capacity building means, and how to practically develop the capacity to achieve greatness. Enjoy reading below…..

What really is Capacity Building?

Capacity building is a means by which an individual network his or her skills to the right channel to meet up a certain task and at a particular point in time. Simply put, capacity building is how one can leverage on other people’s wealth efficiently.

One lazy talk I hear these days often said by people is that “what belongs to me will not elude me; if God says it’s mine, it will surely be”. But things don’t work that way!

In a clime we are these days, building one’s capacity requires a lot of perseverance; to unfreeze old way of thinking, self-limiting behaviours and also to build a strong network with people. The honest truth is that, if you never take a step towards achieving what you desire, it will never be yours.

These days I laugh at people who over-spiritualize or act too religiously over certain things that are pivotal to their life. Sometimes ago, I had an interaction with a young man, and what he could say was that “things will come at the appropriate time God wants it to as everybody has their own time, which differs.” (really). Of a truth, everyone has his own time and race to run, but most times, people never make a step to even run their race. They keep sitting and wishing that someday, e go better (in my ibo tongue).


To build your capacity, you need to let go of old, self defeating mindsets! It is until you changed your mindset, every driven opportunity will look like fake and impossible to be achieved by you, and you may only keep observing when others are making a fortune out what you despise.

Sometimes, it is not an easy task to let go of such a mindset. It takes some extra effort to do so. Research has shown that it takes more than 21days for a habit to stay with you, so if truly, you’re determined to build something effectively, you have to be consistent about developing such a habit. One other thing successful people do is that they channel their thinking in a certain direction, they do things they’ve not done before; they stopped procrastinating, and they didn’t quit even when they encountered challenges on the way.

In life,

When you no longer have a challenge/ pursuit, then you practically stop developing the capacity to grow. A new challenge increases your capacity. Capacity building is a necessity; look around you for people who can challenge you with new responsibilities to develop your capacity and strengthen your character.

Many times when we want to embark on such a decision, what should come to our mind is “WHAT DO I WANT”. You can only build your capacity on a vision you already have. So if you have to build your capacity, you need to have a picture of what you want to achieve.

In Conclusion

The only revenge you can give to someone who doesn’t believe in you is MASSIVE SUCCESS. But even beyond that, prove to yourself that you can be the person you truly desire to be, by developing the required capacity to achieve your dreams.

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