Appreciate Who You Are, You Are Unique

who you are
Know who you are

Do you know  who you are
Your self worth
Limits, capabilities and uniqueness
Do you know the greatness that lies inside of you

Do you know you are more powerful than you see
And you should never allow situations define your name
Do you often give people a chance to talk you down
And allow their opinions make you cry

Have you waited for so long
Just for anothers’ pat to forge ahead
Wishing for a friend to walk with you
Down the journey of life

Do you always seek to be understood
Care genuinely for others
But yet get hurt get hurt in the process
Then we could just be friends

I have been there many times
Thinking if I could just be another
A bit lighter skinned and taller by an inch
I would be more pretty, more appreciated and more satisfied

But I have come to know
That though I may look broken
And unfit to wear the crown
I have a model in the Shepherd boy- David

Whose abode  always was in the field
With a sling, and rod for  animals
Skillful on the harp playing melodious songs
Yet was never for once considered fit to be crowned King

I have learned to keep knowing myself daily
And appreciating my very uniqueness
For though another may look better to my eyes
I know that there is more inside of me
Than I may see right now


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Joyce Olawunmi

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