Are you going to give in, or Step Up

dont give up
dont give up

Hey, are you going to give in or are you going to step up your game?

This is a personal question you need to answer to yourself. So this question was borne out of a deep meditation session  I had this morning. I looked at how so many things had evolved around me. I remember my University days, there were so many dreams, aspirations and payers for the future. I loved the energy back then in school. To some extent, people were futuristic about their lives. It was so exciting to know.

Getting out of school is the real deal, trust me!

Recently, I have had conversations with some of my classmates after school. And a lot of us, have one thing in common. ”Figuring out our lives”.  I was glad that I could still have this kind of conversations with some of my old school classmates, although some were off the radar and didn’t even want anyone to know what’s up with them (You really wouldn’t blame them).


But the main gist I hear from my friends about this stage of our lives is that the realities of what most of us are seeing is quite different from what we ever imagined could happen back then in school. All the dream jobs, spouses and ”Money” we hoped to earn at this stage of our lives. In fact, some began to tell me that the kind of life they ever envisaged was a mirage and not a reality. I could really relate to what they said, simply being that I cannot even say that I haven’t had such low moments in my life before. It felt like the next available option was to give up on their dreams. I knew giving up was definitely not the best option to take in life.  But how do I encourage someone whose reality says otherwise from their dreams?

Well, as I sat back in my chair at the office this morning, I realised that indeed giving up is not the best option, but even when there are low moments in life, there are things one can still do. I decided to write a post on this and share some of them.

Revisit Your Dreams

By this I mean that go back to see those things you wrote down about your dreams.

Make Out a Plan to Achieve Your Dreams

This means that you think of how to take action on those dreams you have written down. Speaking further on this, I realised that most people never make Strategic plans of what they desire to achieve. They just keep wishing and hoping that someday, dreams will come true. Hey, I can tell you for free, things don’t work that way.

Get Your Support Structure

I know it’s a good idea to want to figure out things alone. But as an adage that I love says, if you want to go far, ”Go with people”, don’t walk alone. You need to look for structures, people that will support and encourage you and that tour dreams are possible and doable.

Keep Believing in Yourself

Do you know that no one will believe in you except you first believe in yourself? Do you also know that what you believe of yourself is definitely how your life will play out? So even days when it seems like you don’t know the next step to take, sit down, draw out the plan you know, and believe in it.

dont give up

Take Actions Now

I love Nike’s tagline-  Just Do It. This needs to be heard over and over again. The true proof that you have a dream is that you do something about it. And even if it feels like you are still circling at a stop, don’t stop, just keep taking the necessary actions required of you.


As I conclude this post, I am encouraging you not to throw in the towel. Your dreams are very valid and doable too. All you need to do is develop the right strategy for execution. Do you need someone to speak to privately to help you think through how to practically ”Step out” and actualise your dreams? Then I am here for you. Just send me a mail – I will be most willing to help you with this.


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