Are you ready for a change?

ready for change
ready for change

Can I ask you a question? Are you ready for a change?

Lately, I have been sharing so many stories on my blog about my daily experiences. You can read them on this new page I created – Inspiring stories. Today, I am here with another story again and it has some lessons laden in it.

On this Friday, I experienced a minor change in my environment, it was something I always thought I wanted, something I can say I wished for, but then, it just happened, and I am like – Am I ready for this change?

The way I was reacting after the event really baffled me. It made me question myself, and ask severally if this was what I wanted. It occurred to me that all along while desiring for this change, I wasn’t also preparing emotionally for it, and suddenly it came.

This might not seem so much like a big deal, but it was for me. I now had to make an adjustment to the new life, new style and new way of doing things. Truthfully speaking, I felt really unprepared for it. But of course, as they say, ”change is constant and we have to move with it”.

Right now, I am sitting on my chair, just thinking deeply within myself, and my new space and these thoughts dropped in my heart and I decided  to share them:

1. When you desire something, and even pray for it, be ready to receive the answer.

2. God’s word never fails, even if it seems like nothing is happening at the interim, just trust that his word never fails.

3. Do not ever lose faith even in the face of despair. Your desires will surely come through.

My Concluding words

Have you ever had an experience like this before? What did you do? What did you learn? Will you like to share your own story? Please reach out to me in the comment section of this post, or send me a mail:

I will be glad to post your story!


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