Be the person you truly want to be

Be the person you truly want to be. This sounds very easy to the hearing right? But there is more meaning to this statement. The 2019 world population statistics estimate the world population to be 7.7 billion people on earth, each with distinct identities and character. This makes the human race so unique as no two individuals are created the same way.


This truth ought to be liberating to us as human, however, it appears that this very thing is what brings the chains and bondage that most people experience. They feel another’s skin colour, height, expression or even uniqueness will be better for them.


The sincere truth is that our unique identity is what makes us special in our own ways. This is what should make us stand out. So many times, people don’t maximize their potential, they never live up to the man or woman of their dreams simply because they keep wanting to be another.  Can you take some time to just love upon yourself?


To truly become the person you desire to be, you need the following

Look introspective at Yourself

Many people seldom do this. They just keep living life daily as it comes, but mind you, those who live life on their own terms and seem perfect on the outside are those who make out time to think deeply on the events and outcome of their life in the past. And after doing this, they see areas they can improve on. Who says you cannot be that same person too?


They believe in themselves to the Utmost

Some people look so beautiful, this isn’t necessarily about the make-up they wear or the designer outfits on their body, it’s usually about the way they carry themselves and present themselves to the world. Let’s face it, if you truly believe in yourself, you will look more attractive than otherwise. And to become the person of your dreams, you need to be attractive to attract the right kind of people and things. This brings me to the last point- Relationships.


To become the person you truly want to be, you need relationships, healthy ones.

The journey to self-fulfilment is a long and interesting one, you need people in your journey. An adage says if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go with people. I am not saying you become people dependent, but you need a company to become the person of your dreams. People to cheer you on and correct you when the need be.


In Conclusion

Being the person you truly want to be first starts with you and your determination. It’s about the tiny little steps you are conscious of and taking daily. In your Life, in your environment, live consciously knowing that there is a picture you see in front of you that you must become.




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