Believe it, it’s working together for your good

You need to belive that all things are working together for your good. In fact, there is no better time to hear these very words again. You know when they say that one is over flogging a matter, well maybe that’s what I have been doing lately with my recent posts.

I realised these days that people have so many questions in their heart, and most importantly they are asking, when will things get better. I know and can relate to these questions for so many reasons. I am also experiencing the same stuff too. This post isn’t even to start highlighting the struggles of life, but to urge you that everything you are experiencing now is working together for your good.

I remember sometimes ago, I was so confused about what to do in an area of my life, In fact, it felt like I couldn’t think. I could see others doing what I wanted to do, but my case was different. I am not one who usually want to compare myself with others, but there are times I sit with myself and know that I need to make certain moves. See, at some point, I almost started believing a lie. My mind started playing a fast one on me. I would not say I became so depressed, but how I started to feel was veering to that direction.

So what changed?

After thinking for so long, I realised nothing was changing and then I came to peace with myself that I alone cannot help myself out of the situation. Yes, I wrote out plans on things to start doing, but it really felt like I was powerless and couldn’t make a move.

Do you know those moments when it feels like nothing is working?

I went through that and more. It was not until I came to the end of myself and chose to change my strategy that things started to look better. I knew for sure that God’s word about my life was true, that all things will work together for my good, but I needed to trust that word.

And so I did

I chose to trust God at his word for me. And regardless of how I felt, I started to make moves on, my plans. I can tell you that things changed. Yes, it didn’t happen all at once, neither will I say I have all my life plans and execution figured out, but I am glad that I have God on my side, and definitely all things will surely work together for my good.

Hey friend,

If you are going through things you don’t understand now, don’t ever doubt God’s word over your life. Trust him to bring it to pass. Be encouraged by these words from a dear friend, She says:

”Trust is what we do when we don’t understand”.

Have a wonderful trustful weekend

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Joyce Olawunmi

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  • “If you are going through things you don’t understand now, don’t ever doubt God’s word over your life.”

    Those words struck a cord in me, Wunmi. Thank you for sharing!

    God bless you.

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