Believe this, you are good enough

So believe me, you are good enough, I know this might sound like one of those motivational talks you hear every now and then. But this goes beyond just motivational talk.

I remember sitting on my pretty office chair and thinking to myself, it is already the 2nd month in the year 2020, the year is on a fast lane again. And then I scroll through social media and begin to see what every other person is doing.  At this moment, I begin to feel, so, so and so is much better than I am. Am I even moving at all?

Hey, you sure must have felt this way too

And that’s why I want us to talk about it. Back to the earlier story, I was telling.  As I realised my mind was about playing a fast one on me, I quickly snapped out of that feeling and told myself this simple truth, Wunmi, you are good enough.

See, I  know you must have read a  lot about how the greatest battle you will need to fight happens in your mind. Well, let me shock you, these battles come to you when you least expect them

How does this happen?

When you find yourself looking at your life in a miserable way, and thinking, others are much better than you are, then just know you are engaged in a real battle. It could be as subtle as a statement that someone says to you in passing, or something you read online.  Hey, don’t treat it as something casual. Use the REBUKE approach to it.

Rebuke that negative voice speaking to you. Don’t be quiet about it, say to the voice, that you are good enough and deserve everything you ever desire.

Another thing to do is to revisit your life vision board

See, a vision board is not something you write and keep in your safe. No, it isn’t. It is something you need to keep seeing every now and then. And on the days when you feel you are not good enough, bring out your vision board and remind yourself how fantastic you are.

Keep moving with what you know

Haaa. the greatest trick and battle you will have to fight is to keep moving beyond how you feel per time. See, every now and then, you will feel like quitting, because nothing would seem to be working. Let me just tell you this for free, your mind will always play such games on you. But don’t give in. Don’t stop, Don’t quit for anything. Even if you don’t seem to know the next step to take, don’t sit down and start sobbing, rather brace up, get back to systems that help you grow and keep moving.

Finally, please remember this,

on the days you feel weak the most, reach out to God for strength


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