Cheer up, you will pull through this

Cheer up, you will pull through this
No matter what you are going through now
No matter the kind of news you have received
No matter the number of stones that have been thrown at you
You definitely will pull through this


You have dreams, expectations, and aspirations
You see who you want to become
The desires burning in your heart
Crystal clear through a mirror
But now, it just feels like you are drowning


It’s not like you haven’t prayed
Or put your trust in God
Life they say happens
And many times, we have to dance to the rhythm


You definitely will pull through this
Even if you feel weakest now
And your feet can’t go an extra mile
Oh, your knees could be hurting
From long hours of stress
But need I to remind you again
That you will pull through this


Know this for sure
You can’t pull through this by your strength alone
You need an aide, you need a support


There is one I know
Just right at the corner willing and waiting
To hear you ask for his help
O’ my sweet old lover


He never gets tired
Never complains of your call each time
He will give you the right energy
To walk and soar


For just as you put your trust in him
And allow him to help carry that burden
And ease you of that  stress
My friend, you sure will pull through this with him

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Joyce Olawunmi

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