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Hey guys, you sure must have heard about Growth before. Well, our biology teachers in secondary school did justice by explaining Growth using the acronym- MRNIGERD. The dictionary defines growth as the process of increasing in size. And I am adding mine as not just an increase in size, but also an increase in capacity.

Do You Know Why Growth Is So Important?

Life is moving, and hence there is a need to match up with its ever-increasing demand. Growth helps you create room to accommodate ”more” things in your life. And Growth should not be mistaken as just an increase in physical appearance or stature. Whilst this can be very evident for everyone to see, it often doesn’t tell so well about how one is growing emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and all.

You know a lot of times, what people do is to just exist, and not grow. They cannot look at their previous experiences and occurrence and tell that they have made significant progress in their lives, how they relate to things and even interact with people. This could be a result of they not being deliberate about how they live their lives.

In this post, I have shared simple ways you can actually grow and ultimately live your best life.

Do An Evaluation Of Where You Currently Are

A lot of times, people never examine their lives. They often are always reaching out for the next big thing to do. And hence, they cannot categorically tell areas where they need to improve on. Can I tell you this? – You arent a robot programmed to just keep moving in one direction. If you really want to grow, you should be able to check out your life per time, to see where you actually are at, and the things you need to change/ improve on. This simply means doing an evaluation of your life

Map Out  a Good Plan Of How To Grow In Such Areas

Those who win in life, are those who are able to make deliberate plans per time of what they want to do. Ever heard of setting goals? This can help you a lot in putting down a plan/ strategy on areas you want to improve on. Do not be deceived, Growth doesn’t happen just by chance. You need to sit down, make out a plan on the definite things you want to do, and start doing them.

Believe In Yourself, And Your Journey

One of the greatest reason I have seen that hinders people from growing is that they never believe in themselves. Most people are too distracted, as they keep focusing on what others are doing, and hence never see how they can actually make growth moves. If you truly desire to grow, you need to believe in yourself, and the baby steps of faith you are taking. You also need to stop thinking negatively of yourself.


I trust this post has inspired you to make moves and grow in the various areas of your life. Please read through again, apply the above-mentioned principles, and I can assure you that they will definitely work for you. If you need to speak with me privately on your growth plan, please send a mail to:





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