Do not allow the devil sell lies to you

Do not allow the devil sell lies to you
By messing up with your mind
Making it a trash can, to dump his stinking thoughts
Anytime, Any day

Do not allow the devil to sell lies to you
He is good at giving gimmicks and tricks
But he is all out to tame your mind
His devices are never new anyway!

Do not allow the devil to sell lies to you
You see that ungodly thought you think
The lies, the envy, the pride, the arrogance
That’s not who you truly are

The effect of believing such lies are dangerous
Firstly, it attacks your self-esteem, and then your right standing in Christ
But you know better
That, you should stand firm, above all else

I have seen how these lies are told
And this is how he works
He brings suggestions in such a subtle way once he notices a crack
To try, to test if you would think about them

But the moment you give it consideration,
He consolidates on it
And plants his seed of deceit

My friend, the lies of the devil is trickery
But you just might think
How then can we survive
Not by strength, nor by power
For even the smartest fall for it

The lie of the devil is real
But much greater is the truth of God’s word
For if we died and are raised with him
Shall we not be able to dissect between Life and death?
I think not so on this matter !!


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Joyce Olawunmi

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