Do not believe a lie of the devil

Do not believe a lie
Do not believe a lie

Do not believe a lie of the devil
His mission has always been the same
To steal, kill and destroy
Using every subtle means he’s got
Especially messing around with the mind

Do not believe a lie of the devil
He comes in many shades, colors, and appearances
But all with one aim
To deceive and lead many astray

Do not believe a lie of the devil
I know why I say this
I will tell you a short story soon
Let’s zoom into the Holy Bible a bit

So we know from the Bible
That our very dear lover and friend Jesus
Faced the greatest temptation of all time
Just after a spiritual fast exercise
Of 40 days in the wilderness alone

The devil’s sure mission was to test the authority of Jesus
And even the believe the master had in his father- God
But this is the victory, he overcame and won for you and me

So let’s paint this scenario in our present day technology age
The devil brings thoughts of unworthiness to our minds
And makes us think we aren’t good enough to receive the father’s blessing
Or to be protected by him
How dare he know this truth so to speak?

I have come to know from scriptures
That the greatest battle to be fought is in the mind
And hence the devil fights with all he’s got there

But my fellow believer, we have won this mind battle already
It starts with you and me believing the word of God to the utmost
Even when our situations and circumstances say otherwise

For though the storms may rage as it likes
And the boisterous wind blow till daybreak
God’s word stands sure as the only truth we can hold on to
And whatever else we may hear or see around us
Our conviction must be wrapped up in the integrity of God’s word alone


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