As if having a hectic day at work wasn’t enough stress already, this Lagos traffic just wants to get me drained completely. The thought of the to-do’s I still had for the day was overwhelming,  make dinner, clear up my untidy room and  read for my exam., , oooo  Lord!!!!


Immediately I got home, I made dinner and ate, Ironed my clothes for the following day, made series of phone calls, and finally it was time to settle down and read. I hadn’t read more than 5 lines of the book when the sleep came in like a might rushing wind. I stood up walked round my room, put my legs  inside a bucket of water, and took black coffee to stay awake, only for me to open my eyes at 2am to discover I had been sleeping soundly for 3 hours, my books were scattered all over  the floor.


Combining working a 9am-5pm job with preparing for this final stage of my professional exam   was tough for. I had passed all 6 stages of this exam within 3 years, and this was the last I had to write before I become a chartered Accountant but it seemed toughest preparing for the most.I picked up my calendar to check how many more days left I had before the exam, only to discover I had less than 10 days to prepare and so fear gripped me at the thought of failing. I had never failed any stage of this exam since I started writing it 3 years ago.



I remembered what mom told me about the 9th month of pregnancy been the toughest period for an expecting mother, she says the remaining days will begin to feel like years   that you will almost feel like pushing the baby out before the time, but the when you remember how far you have come and the bundle of Joy you will birth forth, you will endure some more.


This singular thought strengthened me; I remembered why I embarked on this journey in the first place, to become a Chartered accountant. I gathered strength from within to forge ahead and scheduled a plan on how best to cover many grounds. Firstly , I will take  3 days off work to enable me have a good rest and adequately prepare for the exam, I also would get food ordered and delivered to me at home so I don’t get stressed out cooking, and also respond to only very important calls and messages.This plan as simple as it seemed was exactly what I needed to boost my strength.


Today, I look back and I am glad at how I preserved and didn’t give up while pursuing my dreams, even when I felt weakest the most, ‘I didn’t give up.’


Sometimes, when pursuing a dream, you might get to a point where you feel so overwhelmed with external pressure, that quitting might seem like the best option you’ve got, BUT DON’T!!

Pause and re-strategize on another plan .Always remember that the reason why you embarked on any  journey in the first place is to get to a destination, so paddle your canoe  some more and move on!


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