Dont lose your expectation

This morning I like to speak from my heart on this topic don’t lose your expectation. I know how it feels for one to have expected something to happen for long, and for it to not have happened yet. In fact, I have gone through such phases, and I am still going through them.

See, expectations are everything

I remember reading from my bible, of the story of the woman with an issue of blood for 12 years. The bible recounts that she had visited so many physicians, spent all that she had and yet didn’t get well. I can only imagine what she must have gone through all those years, hoping and believing for a miracle at each point. I can infer that this woman didn’t lose expectation, as she purposed in her heart to touch Jesus’ garment anytime she could. She pushed beyond boundaries, and touched, the masters’ garment when she finally saw him. I want to believe that many people were thronging on Jesus too, touching his garment, and nothing happened to them. But when this woman did, he felt virtue flow out through him.

Do you know what I believe?

She touched his garment full of expectations. She must have summoned all the faith she had and said in her heart that she won’t end up in that sickness. She must have believed for her healing even when other people might never have thought she would never get well again.

There is so much to learn from this Woman’s story. But you just might be thinking, the woman got healed years ago, how does this relate to my present-day situation at hand?

It surely does

I know that we all have issues that we are going through, for some it might be a health challenge, career, financial, or even marital issues. But I am here to encourage you not to lose your expectation. One thing I have learned about life is that there could be delays in our way, it might seem a though nothing is working, and in fact, others may seem to have gone far ahead of you.

But know this

The fulfilment of that your heart desire will surely come to pass in due time, ONLY if you don’t lose your expectation. God is working behind the scene for your good, you just might not see it manifest yet. But stay hopeful and believing that everything is working out for your good.


Please listen to this song Intentional by Travis Greene and stay encouraged


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