Dont Wait for Perfection, Just Do It

Ok guys, so we know about what it means to have ideas running through your head like a spiral swing. Well, it happens maybe not just to one, but a couple of us. By the way, the ideas that come to you aren’t just for knowledge alone. Ever heard of what it means for dreams to die? Lets gist about it.

Recently, I launched out one of my business outlets, and I must say, prior to now, I have been dragging, and crawling on this idea for a long time. I obviously didn’t know how it would work out perfectly, even if I had a plan of what to do. I kept feeling the year was already far spent, and the new year around the corner, hence, nothing more could be done this year.

Hey, that was a mind limitation I needed to consciously break. By the way, if you are also struggling with this kind of limiting mindset, you should read this post I wrote on maximizing the remaining part of the year and achieving your earlier set goals here.

But aside just thinking of how to launch out, I struggled with the perfectionist mindset. I kept telling myself, the time isn’t perfect, things weren’t as good as I wanted them, and by the way, I was a novice at this business adventure.

Are you also saying the same thing to yourself?

I can tell you for free that the perfect time to launch out with your idea will never come. And there will always be some better way of doing things, But then, if you kept waiting for when everything is set, perfect and right, you won’t move an inch!

Can I also tell you that your mind and body will keep playing a trick on you, telling you that you don’t have it figured out well yet? But one thing I have learned from industry leaders and mentors who have built big corporations from scratch is that they dissed their feelings and worked on their ideas.

Hey, it is good to have great ideas well written down in a beautiful journal. It’s fine to tell people about how your ideas can change the world, but if truly you want to live your dreams, it’s better you did something with that idea beyond just talking and planning.

And as Nike would say, Just do it!


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