Effective Time Consciousness – The Secret Of Great Men

No African Time please..

Isn’t that the comment we mostly receive when signing up for an Event or being invited Interview? It simply shows that time is most valuable to those who have important stuffs to do. But shouldn’t that be the same for every other person? Unfortunately, the reverse is often the case.

I recently had a thinking time to learn on what really differentiates Great men, from Average men, and I realized it was simply how they  spent their time.  On my personal development journey, I always want to  know what high achievers are doing and see how I can implement it to my own life too.  So for now, I am learning on the importance of been Time Conscious.

But what does it mean to be Time Conscious?

This scenario will help explain it better.  While at the university, I had a friend who relayed an experience to me.  She told me on how she had missed attending an international competition because she was 5 minutes late to catch up with her flight. There was no refund on her flight ticket and also no lapping, as is often done in road transportation. I learned from her that day the importance of  an extra 5 minutes.

This lesson has greatly helped me in the workplace, knowing how to keep to time for appointments. I won’t deny that there are times I have gotten late to work because of the traffic issue in Lagos but then, this time management consciousness has been of great benefit to my personal development journey lately.

I have seen/ read on how Great men allot their time daily, to cater for their daily affairs. So I am sharing below some of the ways they achieve this that we can benefit from:

  1. They know when to get up from bed: Great people know that waking up is an essential element and part of their day. Do you often find yourself waking up at any time of the day, you might need to check it. I am not saying everyone should be an early riser, but everyone should choose a time to wake up that will give them ample time to plan their day.
  2. They engage their minds: This may sound a bit new to you,  but do you take time to think and plan your day, or do you just jump into your day? To be more time conscious, have some meditation time to reflect on how best you can use your day. This will be of great benefit to you.
  3. They schedule their day and to-do’s- This works big time. Highly effective people know the importance of writing down what they want to achieve in a day, and they follow through too. The to-dos gives the planner what needs to be achieved for that particular day. Great people are so conscious of what needs to be done within 24 hours and hence don’t have time for lazing around.
  4. They are not idle talkers: Do you know who an idle taker is? He/she is someone who  contributes to discussions that doesn’t concern him/ her, mostly trying to prove a point even when it isn’t needed. Time conscious people do not engage in such as they know how valuable their time is.
  5. They take time to rest well: We cannot cheat nature, no matter how much of work we have to do daily, our body system is designed to rest too. Even our creator rested on the 7th day after creation. Great men know when to rest after work to enable them refresh their energy. To be a Great man, you must make out good time to rest after wok.

These few points can help you allocate your time more judiciously and also perform better on your journey to self fulfillment.




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