Enjoying The Simple Things Of Life


The simple things of life is what makes life interesting the most. As it is often seen, the things we stress less over are the ones that give us satisfaction the most. Some days ago, I posted a picture on my  whatapp status how a simple pose gave me an amazing picture, one suited to be framed and hung on my the wall of my room. A friend saw my status update and commented on it- the simple things of life. There and then, I received inspiration to put up this post.

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As I sat down to write the post, it occurred to me that there are certain other simple things of life I often don’t appreciate, and these things actually give me great joy and satisfaction. While reflecting, this thought came to me:

”Life can actually be enjoyed with simple things”


I realized that for most time, the daily busyness seems to choke out the joy and excitement in living, and really, in the beginning, it was not so. Our daily sleeping, waking up and the seemingly insignificant activities during the day should never be taken for granted. After this experience, I came up with a resolution to enjoy the simple things of life. I know there are big things to reach out for, but right now, I am learning to appreciate the seemingly simple things in my life.


In this post, I am sharing on how to identify the simple things of life that you can derive great joy from:

The simple things you do that makes you happy

Recognizing that thing you do that gives you joy daily doesn’t have to be in the big things. For me, it was posing to snap a picture. The joy wasn’t in getting the picture itself, but the feeling afterward seeing a portrait of myself in an amazing way. For you, it could be sketching out a dress piece, writing a blog post, chatting up an old time friend. Whatever it is, don’t shroud it off. Do it and make yourself happy because ‘true happiness comes in the simple things of life” .

The relationships you keep

Healthy relationships keeps us living. Yesss, I know that there are some relationships that suck energy out of us, but there are also some that make us happy. Rather than focusing and dissipating your energy on those worthless relationships, horn the good ones. Keep up with relationships in your life. These relationships drives  boredom away from us. To enjoy the benefits of life, value relationships, value people.


I am a nature lover. Sometimes, I just want to wallow in the splendor of creation, feel the fresh breath of air, watch the water fall, go on  a zoo tour, this list could be endless. Life isn’t so hard as not to appreciate the gift of nature. These things are designed to remind us of God’s love. When burdened, when in a state of unrest, explore nature, enjoy the free gift of God.


The simple things of life come in simple ways. They are specifically  designed to help us unburden. No matter what you are going through, no matter the challenges you are facing, always know that there are things around that you can use to ease out. Simply open your heart and mind to receiving them.



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