Even in the Midst of Challenges, You are not Alone!!!

Even in the Midst of Challenges, You are not Alone. After I shared the last post on my blog – Taking charge of your thoughts, I got a lot of reaction from people who could relate with the content. Some told me how inspired they were from the post, others were of the opinion that what I wrote is easier said than done.

But you know what, there isn’t any post I put up on my blog that I don’t relate to. Truthfully speaking, as I write, I also speak to myself. Infact, the interesting thing about writing to me is that I go back afterwards to re-read my contents to also be encouraged. Basically, what I am saying is that I go through real-life situations too. And most times, I also need encouragement.

But here is what more I am saying.

That you are going through challenges in life doesn’t mean you are the only one it is happening to. A lot of us all, have real situations and tough times we are battling with. And these challenges are different for each of us and occur in varying degrees.

But you may ask… Will life ever get better? Or when will all of this end?

I can tell you that the challenges of life won’t last forever. And more importantly, while going through challenges, you need to first find a place to win in your mind. A lot of times, people think that winning in their mind is all motivational talks. But I can tell you personally from experience, that it is much more than that.

Who you are isn’t defined by what you go through, but if you decide to allow circumstances to have the upper hand over your life, you will always feel and act defeated.

This is my concluding words

This life we live in isn’t a bed of roses. Everyone has their own share of life challenges to experience. But instead of allowing life challenges have the upper hand over you, choose to rise about that situation.

And you can do that by first fighting to win in your mind. You also should talk to God about whatever it is you are going through. Tell it to Jesus Christ.

If you want to speak to someone to share your burdens with and be counselled, please feel free to reach out to me by sending a mail: I would be glad to speak with you.

God bless you.

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