Fear is a Great Resource

Do we all have fears? Do we all eventually overcome the fears? I believe the answer to this question will be different for everyone.

I have had this rumination lately, on why some people achieve greater feats than others, and the only visible explanation I could give seeing the metrics is that some people make bolder steps than others. But ordinarily, if you looked at it, it would seem as though some people are better positioned than others in relation to their achievement. But that’s not the reality most times.

Here is what I have noticed?

What actually makes for our individual achievement is a function of how much we channel our resources in the right direction. I believe that fear, as much as faith, is a required resource for doing the impossible, so also is FEAR. But this is not the norm we often hear. Flipping it to the other side, let’s see how fear can actually be a great resource.

Ever heard of the phrases  – Do it afraid? That’s one thing the world bests’ know to do so well.

Consider the renowned Tennis Player, Serena Williams, she tells in this interview with AXA insurance, Northern Ireland exactly what if feels like to fearfully be a super mom, and also have a great comeback in the grand final two consecutive times after the birth of her daughter.


Learning from her story

It simply means fear is going to be present whenever you need to make a move or achieve a feat. To think that you will not feel afraid in making decisions/moves is to live in illusion! Fear was created to move us, and propel us to taking action.

In conclusion

Let me leave you with these thoughts about addressing fear;

1. Everyone feels afraid, so fear is normal

2. Fear is a resource that should be challenged rightly

3. You need to live above fear to achieve anything meaningful in this life


Enjoy this inspiring video of  too:


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