Feeling demoralized?Take a time out!

Hey dear,

So I am sitting pretty on my office chair this afternoon, and I thought to share what’s on my mind with you today. So what do you think about taking a time out when the need be? I feel it’s cool, and one of the things that keep us moving in the direction of destiny.

So have you felt worn out before?

I have felt this way severely. And my usual self is to want to keep on working, however, as they say, ”body no be firewood”. If you are feeling tired, it might be a sign that you need a time out. This will help you refresh on yourself, your journey and what next you should be doing.

Usually, we are quick to think that when we aren’t busy working, we are not utilizing our useful self (I think so a lot), but this is not the truth in reality. Sometimes, you don’t need to do anything to get things done. It could be that you have been burnt out so much energy and you need to refuel.

At times like this, what do you do?

There are many things that can be done, but personally, these few things help me refuel my energy:

Have sincere sessions with myself

When you find me looking deep within myself, and just wanting to be in my corner alone, it means that I am having some sincere sessions with myself.  If there is one thing that helps me a lot get back on track, it’s the fact that I can ask myself very hard questions and sincerely provide answers to them. When the sky isn’t that so blue anymore, can you still be sincere and tell yourself the truth.? In this post, I shared one sincere session I had with myself, I got a rejection mail.

Pick up your working tools

Yes, every sincere session should lead to some to-do list and action points for you. Having analysed the area to be worked on, set off to get the work done. This might be some more discipline and regimented routine you need to take. Hey, did I also tell you this won’t be fun when you start doing it?.  But I can assure you that once you set out to work, don’t feel discouraged at the steps you are taking, or the moves you are making to work on yourself. Open up yourself and do the work.

As I conclude this post

I just want to encourage you that feeling burned out can happen to anyone. And you are not an exception! When you feel this way, don’t beat yourself over it, it just might mean you need a time out to refresh and refire.

So dance-off, and let us keep moving…






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