Find time to take care of yourself

take care of yourself
take care of yourself

Of a truth, you cannot be the saviour of everyone, hence you need to find time to take care of yourself. This reality hit me so badly over the weekend. I realise that many times, when we look out for other people, we do not also reciprocate and find time to take care of ourselves.


For most people who are so giving, so generous, so warm-hearted, there is usually this gap they feel within when they don’t see the same love reciprocated back to them. I understand the fact that we usually feel that everyone should at least behave as we do, but in reality, this is a fairy tale wish. These fallacious expectations have made so many people experience so much pain by others’ actions. Well, I know that no one goes all out to be hurt in return, but things could happen. And funnily, most people do not like to speak up when they are hurt.

Have you been hurt by someone before? Did you wish you never did something? Have you done good and it seemed like you were repaid with evil? And this is almost making you feel like not ”playing the good card anymore”? Well, I am here to encourage you to feel better with this post:


The utmost truth is that we might not be able to avoid some situations we find ourselves in, but we can still apply some self-help tips to prevent us from feeling hurt all the time. These things would be of help:

Love Yourself First

Most times, when people feel really hurt about how others treated them, it is often because deep down, they do not love themselves so much. This may not seem really obvious on the surface, because they go all out to help everyone else, and look so happy. But deep within, they never find the time to love themselves. Sincerely, the best way to take care of yourself is to love yourself.


Cut out Negative Relationships

I know this may not sound so easy to do. But if you want to prevent yourself from going over the same old cycle of feeling hurt and unhappy, then you might need to do away with some relationships. A lot of times, people know that some relationships aren’t good for them, yet they remain in them, either to keep a face or to act as the USUAL NICE PERSON  everyone knows them as. This isnt supposed to be so. If you really want to live a happy life, clearly identify the relationships that are sapping away your energy and flee from them.

Celebrate Yourself

This is an offshoot from the first point. A lot of times, people find it so easy to celebrate others, cheer them up, but they seldom do the same for themselves. It could be beacause they do not value their achievement or they just want to act HUMBLE. This shouldnt be so. Celebrate yourself, celebrate the achievements you are making. This is called, giving yourself a good reward.

In Conclusion

No matter where you have been, no matter what you have gone through, no matter how anyone might have made you feel terrible in the past, always remember, you’ve got a great life to live, and this is independent of what others think.

So shake off that pity party face, and get yourself some grovy self love!



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