Finding X, finding your passion

finding your passion

A happy new month and welcome to the month of February 2019. I am so happy to be alive to write this post today. Of course, the month of January was fantastic for me, and I am more than sure that the rest of the year will even be more exciting. Some days ago, I shared something quite interesting on my Facebook wall, and I can tell you, it really inspired me and many other people.

This topic is very personal to me, because, I really did struggle a lot on this matter of finding your passion. Basically, I talked about finding your passion, using an illustration of finding X. Here is the post below:

Finding X, finding your passion

If you have ever solved any mathematical problem before, be it a simple, quadratic or simultaneous equation, you must have been faced with the challenge of finding X. Finding X is usually a process that would require an application of some formula, sometimes applying the BODMAS formula. Fining X can also be likened to real life situation, real-life experiences. X in the real sense can be your passion, your voice, your purpose, and your destiny.

Many times, we usually think that this purpose thing is just what we wake up and start doing overnight. No Sir!  No Ma! It is a calculated process that will lead to a defined destination.

Whilst still going through the process of finding your passion, can you do these?

1. Start doing something meaningful and useful.
2. Start taking action on those soft gentle ideas that come to your heart.
3. Start believing in yourself and trusting that you definitely will find your purpose.

In conclusion

If you are on this journey of finding your passion, be encouraged by these words. ‘’Finding your purpose is not a one-off event, it’s a lifelong process that will engage you fully’’.


finding your passion
finding your passion

Enjoy this short video on finding your passion by Simon Sinek,



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