First, start small and then scale up

scale up
scale up

First, start small and then scale up!!

You sure must have heard the phrase scale up before. This is one very common talk in the business space. But much more than it just being a business term, scaling up can be applied to other aspects of life. I saw a very interesting definition of scale-up online which is to increase something in size, amount or production.

In layman terms, scale up means improving on an exciting thing, act, area in other to maximize potential and increase profit. Be it in Career, Relationships, Business or even in Personal Life, it is important that we all strive to scale up in what we do.

This is my thought again

More often than not, scaling up doesn’t just mean a geometrical progression of things. It is a symmetrical order of moving up to grow and expand things. I like to also say that it means adding one more step, action/ activity to what is currently being done. Most people expect that they will just hit one big jackpot from a simple step they took. Well, from what I know, life seldom works that way.

I also believe that every great feat is a culmination of tiny baby steps.  I know the pressure for performance is so high in this generation, but it is better to take things a  step at a time to get to your desired result. It takes a good time to produce great stuff.

The following steps can help you scale up;

  1. Look at where you are right now and the things you can add to what you are currently doing. Scaling up doesn’t always have to be by a blue ocean strategy.
  2.  Set very specific growth plan goals. By this I mean, look at the things you need to do in other to scale up your idea and then set very smart measurable goals to them.
  3. Take action from where you are right now. It is not just enough to set goals and then desire to scale up, it is expedient that you start taking actions with what you know and planned out to do.
  4. Get accountability mechanisms. Sometimes, we need people to hold us accountable for the growth plans we set out to achieve. I do this a lot. I tell my close friends about my goals. This helps put me on my toes as I would not want to embarrass/ disappoint my self by not achieving them.
  5. Believe in the tiny steps you are taking to scale up. Hey, this is the most important factor to scale up. When you are taking steps to become better, you need to believe in yourself and the things you are doing.

I hope this post has inspired you on how to scale up your ideas. If you will like to discuss with me further on how to practically scale up your ideas, please reach out to me via mail :


Hoping to hear from you.




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