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Do you ever think you cant focus and go an extra mile with your vision? Have you felt demoralized, and unable to move forward on a journey? Then this post is just for you.

Recently, I have had this kind of feeling, and meditation to give up. Yes, the preacher too feels this way sometimes. I always thought that negative feelings select those it goes to, but here I was battling with the same thought. As I share my personal daily story here, I always love people to connect with my story as it relates to them And so, I bare it all here….

For a while now, I have been battling with some negative emotions. Feeling of unworthiness, and that my dreams are never going to materialize. Yes, this has been me for a while now.  I don’t know how it started, but I know these feelings are so real.

And guess what?

When you start feeling this way, you can guess right that you can’t really achieve much with yourself. And so for sometimes now, I can say, I have been floating, and just living as the day comes by. I have successfully lived this kind of life for some time, but I realised it is draining, and I had to change it. So after this aha moment with myself, I came to realise that I am still very young and useful, and there is still so much to be done.  So here I am giving my passion one more shot!

During my personal review sessions, I came to pinpoint t some of the things that actually caused me feeling demoralised. And I am sharing them below:

I Lost Focus

It is very easy to see what others are doing and think you should tailor your life like theirs. This feeling comes in such a subtle way, that you wouldn’t even know when you leave your own lane and start pursuing and start focusing on what others are doing. Hold it, this might mean you are gradually losing FOCUS!

Loss of Self Believe

Do you know who you are? Can you keep knowing who you are even when the road gets tough? This is one very big question I had to ask myself during my review sessions. After much deliberations, I came to realise that, who I see myself as is what really matters in achieving my dreams.

Lack of a Well Thought Out Plan

Wishes are good, but executed plans are better. So here I was wishing for so many things to just fill up and happen. But life does not work that way, If I really wanted to do something, I needed to sit down and plan how it would work. Do you also feel this way? Then it might mean that you need a well-written out plan for that goal?


See, I know there is so much to say about feeling demoralised on a journey. I just penned down a bit of what happened to me and some things I learned afterwards.  Regardless of how you feel tired on a journey,  do not ever give up on yourself.

Did you learn something from this post? Kindly share in the comment section below.







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