Give Me Some Love Code

They call it tripping
I say it’s admiring some inner beauty
They say it’s all gonna fade with time
I say, why not enjoy the moment while it lasts

They say I might be acting a bit crazy
I say, this thing called love is turning my head 360
They say I have almost lost myself in the process
I say, my senses intact I keep

They say true love never exists
I say, taste mine and see it does
They say, when’s all this going to end?
I chuckle  and laugh, until forever and ever my dear

They say this love ain’t so original
I say you haven’t had a feel of it before hence can’t tell
They say what if you get hurt in the process
I say, true love bears it all

Am I really believing in fantasy not so real?
Did some good old guy give me love so high a taste
Would I keep wanting this feeling not so common?
Can this desire to be duly satisfied by only one?

I want to know his name, his colour and his height
Or maybe his tribe but surely not from my famille
I want to see the one who is sent for I and I for him alone
I want to prove them wrong and quiet their fears
I want to show them how sweet real love can always be
I know that what my heart craves for, it will surely get

For this love-one, Ifeanyichuckwu will surely come in due time
Fair or dark he may be
I will choose to care less
For  when he comes, I would choose to say,
Ifeanyichukwu is sent from God himself

About the author

Joyce Olawunmi

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