God has not forgotten you

God has not forgotten you
God has not forgotten you

Hello dear, no matter what you are going through right now, I just want you to know that God has not forgotten you. So this has been my meditation for some time now, looking back at the promises of God for my life, and considering my current situation. I almost got into thinking that God is been unfair to me, and he doesn’t really care about me. Is this also how you feel? Then we can talk.


Often times, we go through real-life situations, and these could be so tough on us, our emotions and our current realities. But I am encouraging you to never for once think that God has forgotten you. The situations you are going through may be so overwhelming and it feels like you are going to drown the next minute. But regardless of how you feel at such times,  never for once forget that God is a good good father and he will never leave nor forsake you.


So I am sharing below what to do when you are going through trying situations:

  1. Praise your way through
  2. Remember the promises that God that he has spoken to you
  3. Take back his promises to him in prayers
  4. Ask that the Holy Spirit strengthens you at times when you feel you can’t move again
  5. Never lose faith even in the darkest situations


In conclusion, I know life can get very overwhelming, and you just feel like you aren’t making progress on your set goals and seeing your desired outcomes. But be encouraged, that no matter what you face, or what life throws at you, you sure will overcome them, because God has and will never forget you.


Please listen to this song, good  good father by Chris Tomlin and stay encouraged.



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