God truly answers prayers

God truly answers prayers, I can tell you this for sure. This is one of the many things I am learning in my Christian walk with God. After I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), I stepped into the real world. Permit me to use that phrase. It’s not like OAU isn’t a real world, but we are surrounded with peeps who are really alike, friends who got the Jesus groove and you guys are just cool like that, no much drama, no much struggle, when you need something, you get it so easily (my experience though).

Hmm, entering Lagos and working for some time has taught me a lot. Especially in strengthening my faith in God. You know what they say about faith being tested, well, let’s just say I have experienced it first hand.

This is me sitting here, writing this blog post. I am sitting with many dreams, desires, and aspirations for a better tomorrow, to being a better person, and having certain things come through to me. Well, those dreams haven’t dropped momentum one bit, neither will I say I have accomplished all, but I have learned a true principle in waiting and receiving and that is – God truly answers prayers for real.

I have been believing God for something for some time now, sat down, planned it, even prayed for it too (I know I like to feel like one master planner, lol), but believe you me, I was just hoping the thing will happen. In a way, I took my mind off the desire, not like I lost hope, I didn’t know how it will come through.

My Testimony

Fast forward to some days ago, I had a prompting in my heart to put up a post on my social media profiles, and believe you me, I didn’t even mean it like it, and paaam, I got positive responses from people, wanting to work with me on the project I had in my heart. And I am like, I was only joking with the post-Lord, I didn’t mean it this way.

Afterward, as I sat to reflect on the outcome of the event, it occurred to me that was the answer to my prayers. God truly answers prayers.

The Holy Spirit had to remind me, that I had just received the answers to my prayers. I am truly humbled and grateful to God for this, and I learned some life lessons from the experience.

Lessons Learned

1. God is not a joker, when you pray to him, expect and believe he has answered you.
2. When you pray for something, be sure that you have it, you don’t need a physical manifestation yet, the unseen things are more real than the seen things.

3. God truly answers prayers, but the answer may not come in the way you expect it, be open, don’t put God in a box.


This post is about something that I just experienced and I thought to share it to encourage you on your faith walk. That you haven’t seen the manifestation of what you prayed for doesn’t mean God hasn’t answered your prayers, be open and see what he is doing, for he works in mysterious ways.


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