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Good morning, This is my blue sponge experience

My blue sponge experience
My blue sponge experience

This is my blue sponge experience!

I have sincerely missed sharing my day to day living stories here on my blog. Truly, every day gives us an opportunity to learn new things. We only need to open our eyes to seeing lessons from the simple things of life.

So this is my story

Some days ago, I got into the shower to have a good bath. I had had such a stressful day, and I just needed to wash up with a very good sponge.  Right there, I pulled out my sponge from the usual place I always kept it.  But I experienced this strong resistance, the sponge just wouldn’t come out. It then dawned on me that that morning, while rushing out to work, I had placed the sponge in a different place, hurriedly. I didn’t realize what I did that morning, so here I was struggling with a blue sponge.

I badly wanted a good bath, but then, I had to struggle to get this sponge out. This was a real battle. I knew the blue sponge wasn’t something that I could argue with, or even force out. So I decided to take my cool and get this blue sponge out in peace.

My skills came in

I never knew I could be so patient and skillful at taking out this sponge. Haa, the struggle was real. After carefully removing its part bit by bit, I eventually succeeded!! This truly felt to me like I had won a trophy. Like seriously, I won against my blue sponge.

What I learned

After the whole ordeal, I learned some life lessons:

  1. Patience is always key to getting your desired result.
  2. In life, you need the right strategy to fight, and win!
  3. Believe you can achieve whatever you set your heart to.

Before I wrap up this post, read this post I wrote some time ago on how to maximize your bathroom experience, more than a bath, it’s truly inspiring!!

My Concluding words

Have you ever had an experience like this before? What did you do? What did you learn? Will you like to share your own story? Please reach out to me in the comment section of this post, or send me a mail:

I will be glad to post your story!


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